"These sticky ribs are the closest thing to the perfect rib that you’ll find outside the American Deep South. "
Beef ribs at Duke’s Brew & Que Time Out Top 10 dishes in London & Nominee Eating & Drinking Awards 2012

Dukes Brew & Que

Home to Beavertown Brewery and the best smoked meat in town

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Smokin' BBQ & American Brunch

We serve smoked BBQ daily & American Brunch on weekends too


Dinner BBQ

Pork Ribs
Free range fresh Pork Ribs, from small farms in the midlands, smoked over hickory & apple-cherry wood and served with slaw
Two Ribs £10.95
Three Ribs £15.95
Four Ribs £20.95

Beef Ribs (17oz)
One big Grass-fed free range Irish Beef Rib from County Monaghan. Smoked over hickory & mesquite wood and served with slaw £21.95

Duke’s Greatest Hits (BBQ Platter)
Here are the greatest hits of Duke’s. One Beef Rib, Pork Rib and Pulled Pork. Served with coleslaw, pickled red onions, our lovely BBQ sauces & Texas Garlic Toast. £24.95

Pulled Pork Sliders
(mini buns of luv)
Served on a slider roll with KC sauce light & slaw £3.95 each or 3 for £10.95

Duke’s Burger
100% ground Beef burger (medium rare) with pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion, KC BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard with Duke’s Fries on the side £12.95
(served with Assorted Cheese or Bacon – £1 each)

Beef Steaks
Grilled to your liking served with seasoned fries. We want our steaks to be the best fresh from the market. See the butchers roll for the choice cut of the day. £ market price

Caesar Salad
Romaine salad with traditional Caesar dressing (with anchovies) and garlic croutons £7.50

The Big Wedge
Quarter of a crisp fresh iceberg lettuce smothered in ranch dressing and crispy bacon bits. £5.95

Grilled Vegetarian Burger

Grilled halloumi, Portobello mushroom and aubergine with all the fixings £9.50

Sides and Whatnots

Fried Pickles with garlic remoulade dipping sauce £3.70
“Damn right it’s a Southern thang”

Pit Smoked Baked Beans with Pork £2.50

Duke’s Seasoned Fries £2.90 (V)

Half Pint’s Mac & Cheese £4.25(V)

Side Salad £4.95 (V)

Bastardo Chicken Wings & Okra
Wings In Bastardo, delicious deep fried chicken wings tossed in our very own medium hot tangy Basdardo Sauce with a kick, served with a side of blue cheese dip. £7.95 for 12 pieces.

Daily specials – 
Ask Your Server £5.95

American Brunch Menu

Duke’s Breakfast
Two eggs, three strips crispy streaky bacon, Brazilian beef and pork sausage, diced home fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes, sauté mushrooms and toasted sourdough £10.95 (hold the meat for £7.50)

Two Eggs and sour dough toast £5.50
(add some sides and customize your breakfast)

Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs with Canadian bacon on a toasted English muffin with our rich Hollandaise Sauce and diced home fried potatoes £9.95

Eggs Florentine
Two poached eggs with sautéed spinach on a toasted English muffin with our rich Hollandaise Sauce and diced home fried potatoes £8.95

Popeye Omelette
Big folded Omelette stuffed with spinach, diced tomato, bell peppers, mixed Cheddar cheese & Monterey Jack with diced home fried potatoes £8.95

BBQ Omelette
Big folded Omelette stuffed with pulled BBQ pork and beef burnt ends smothered in KC sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, mixed Cheddar cheese & Monterey Jack with diced home fried potatoes £9.95

Buttermilk Pancakes
American style pancakes with blended real maple syrup & butter £6.95

Mister Frenchie’s Ravioli
French toast stuffed with crispy bacon and cream cheese £9.95
(Believe me it tastes better than it sounds)

Traditional French Toast
With real maple syrup £7.25

Duke’s Burger
Beef mince cooked medium rare with all the fixings & Duke’s French fries £12.95

(Remember everything is better with a side of crispy bacon)
3 slices Bacon 2.00 – Extra Egg 1.50 – Toast 2.00 – Cowboy Smoked Beans (with Bacon) 2.50 – Side Salad 4.95 – Cumberland Sausage 2.50 – Brazilian Beef & Pork Sausage 2.50 -Grilled Beef Tomato 2.65 – Mushroom 1.50 – Potatoes 2.00 – Spinach 1.50

Bar Menu

Nice Rack! (of Beer)
Three thirds of our wonderful beer to taste, either from the keg or the cask. See your expert Bartender to recommend a great line up to taste £M.P.


Bastardo Chicken Wings & Okra
Wings In Bastardo, delicious deep fried chicken wings tossed in our very own tangy Basdardo Sauce with a kick, served with a side of either blue cheese or ranch dip ask your server) £7.95 for 12 pieces.

Fried Pickles & Okra
With chipotle mayo, have a basket of some of the best deep fried shenanigans in town. £3.70

Duke’s Seasoned Fries £2.50

Pit Smoked BBQ Beans with Bacon £2.50

Kettle Crisps
Sea salt and balsamic vinegar, and cheddar cheese and red onion £1.20

Bar Nuts
A cup of Pistachios, Peanuts or Wasabi Nuts £1 – 2.5

Pulled Pork Sliders
(Mini buns of luv)
Served with KC sauce and & slaw £3.50 each.

Brew & Cocktails

Featuring our in house Beavertown Brewery and selected craft beers and cocktails

The Brew

Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown Brewery (Hackney, London)

Neck Oil Best Bitter – 4.3%
Pipsqueak Pale Ale- 2.5%

Gamma Ray APA – 5.4%
Smog Rocket Smoked Porter – 5.4%
8 Ball Rye IPA – 6.2%
Black Betty Black IPA – 7.4%
Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange IPA – 7.4%
Apricot Pale Ale – 5%
Alpha Series Experimental Beer – ??
Blend – ??

Gamma Ray APA – 5.4%
Smog Rocket Smoked Porter – 5.4%
8 Ball Rye IPA – 6.2%
Black Betty Black IPA – 7.4%
Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange IPA – 7.4%
Alpha Series Experimental Beer – ??

Visit The Beavertown Brewery web site ››

British Bottled Beer

The Kernel (Bermondsey, London)
Export India Porter
Dark and beautifully balanced, great nose (5.6%)   £4.40

Pale Ale
Clean, crisp and fresh. Citrus matched by bitterness (5.1%)   £4.50

Golden colour, with an aroma of tropical fruits (7.4%)   £5

Meantime (Greenwich, London)
Chocolate Porter
Like drinking a dark chocolate mousse (6.5%)   £4.50

Beaumonts (Cornwall, England)
Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Made from fresh root ginger (4%)   £4.50

Harviestoun (Alva, Scotland)
Bitter and Twisted
Fruity, moreish, delicate citrus hops (4.2%)   £4.50

American Bottled Beer

Bear Republic (California, USA)
Hop Rod Rye
Big IPA, spicy caramel malts with floral aroma (8%)   £5

Red Rocket
American Scottish style Red Ale, big malts (6.8%)   £5

Racer 5
American IPA, full bodied and heavily hopped (7%)   £5

Lone Star (San Antonio, USA)
National Beer Of Texas, USA. Balance, body and character (4.6%)   £3.50

Flying Dog (Maryland, USA)
Doggie Style
Pale Ale. Subtle sweet body, grassy, citrus nose (5.5%)   £4

Gonzo Imperial Porter
Coffee, chocolate and Vanilla notes with hop bite (9.2%)   £5.50

Sierra Nevada (California, USA)
Pale Ale
Complex full character, fragrant and spicy nose (5.6%)   £4

Autumn brown ale, delicious smooth malt character (5.5%)   £4.20

Anchor (California, USA)
Rich chocolate, toffee, coffee flavours, complex bitterness. (5.6%)   £3.50

Deep amber colour, creamy and rich. First brewed 1896 (4.9%)   £3.50

Brooklyn (Brooklyn, USA)
Vienna style, amber gold maltness, dry hopped (5.2%)   £3.70

Brown sugar, treacle and caramel notes (5.6%)   £3.70

Goose Island (Chicago, USA)
312 Urban Wheat
Crisp and fruity with spicy Cascade finish (4.2%)   £4

Dry malt middle, long hoppy finish (5.9%)   £4.50

Blue Moon Brewing Company (Colorado, USA)
Blue Moon
Spiced wheat beer (5.4%)   £4  

More Bottled Beer

Cooper’s (Adelaide, Australia)
Pale Ale
Fruity, floral characters backed with crisp bitterness (4.5%)   £3.80

Light to medium body, with sweet apples on the nose (5.8%)   £4

Little Creatures (Fremantle, Australia)
Pale Ale
Orange and citrus flavours from the hops but balanced by a solid malt backbone (5.2%)   £4.50

Schlenkerla Rauchbier (Bamberg, Germany)
Bamberg’s speciality, the dark smoked beer (5.1%)   £5

Super strength, lightly smoked wheat beer (5.2%)   £5.50

Erdinger (Bavaria, Germany)
Made following German purity laws (5.3%)   £5

Dark, rich and smooth wheat beer (5.3%)   £5

Mort Subite (Mechelen, Belgium)
Lambic, amber coloured, sour/sweet thirst quencher (4.5%)   £5

Lambic, wildly fermented beer with sharp, cherry flavours (4.5%)   £5

Bosteels (Buggenhaut, Belgium)
Pauwel Kwak
Amber fruity ale with hints of pineapple and banana (8.4%)   £5.50

Floris (Melle, Belgium)
Strawberry flavoured, sweet and sour cloudy wheat beer (3.6%)   £4.50

Apple flavoured wheat beer (3.5%)   £4.50

Troubadour (Brouwerji, Belgium)
Fruity and hoppy aroma with spicey flavour (6.5%)   £5

Big Belgian IPA, lots of dry hopping! (9%)   £5.50

Viven (Belgium)
Imperial IPA
Golden orange colour with big American hop nose (8%)   £6

Hacker-Pschorr (Munich, Germany)
Mildly hoppy and lemon nose, very refreshing (4.9%)   £5.50

Sweet malt and hops, with a mild corn aroma (5.5%)   £5.50


Cornish Orchards (Cornwall, UK)
Organic apples celebrate the traditions (5%)   £4.50

Gentle sparking cider, with aroma of raspberries and apples (4.5%)   £4.50

Premium sparkling apple cider (5%)   £4.50

Gentle pear & dessert apple flavour, with medium-dry sparkle (5%)   £4.50

Sandford (Devon, UK)
Slightly cloudy still cider. Full smooth apple flavours (6%)   £4.50

Monteiths (Greymouth, New Zealand)
Crushed apple cider
Fizzy apple fruit burst (4.5%)   £4

Wine, Cocktails & Liquor


Panul, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile   £19
Masseria Bianca, Fiano, Italy   £19
Viña Mar, Chardonnay, Chile   £18
Les Grenadiers, Chardonnay, France   £19

La Broutte, France   £19

Rosario, Cabernet Sauvignon, Spain   £17.50
Roccastella, Montepluciano, Italy   £18
Belezos, Rioja, Spain   £30
Quinta De Chocapalha Tinto, Portugal   £30
Carmel Road, Pinot Noir, Monterey, California   £35


The Margarita
Pleasing tartness with sweet hints of Cointreau’s orange shining through the smooth flavour of Cuervo Traditional 100% agave Tequila   £7


Hot Head
Amp up the spice with the Margarita 2.0. Cayenne pepper & Tabasco provide the base for Herradura Reposado and Mezcal to heat it up. Served in the crystal skulls of people who thought they could handle it!! Made to share   £15 (plus £10 glass deposit)

The classic Cosmo just got some added ‘ante’ with Babicka wormwood vodka to take it out of this world   £8

Creamy mixture of Patron XO, Stoli Vanilla and a shot of espresso provides every girl’s favourite cocktail   £8.50

The Gia Paloma
The perfect blend of grapefruit, Jose Cuervo and Antica Vermouth for earthy notes. Salt on the rim if you feel like your electrolytes are down   £6

The good Count’s instant classic makes for a great digestive. Tanqueray gin, Campari & Rosso with a slice of orange,hmmm bitter   £7

Ginger Worm
Smoky La Penca Mezcal turns the traditional mule on its head and takes it up to a new level of awesome. Mixed with ginger beer and bitters   £7

Dark & Spicy
Blend of Kraken’s spiced rum with the kick of ginger beer   £7

Mai Tai
One of the ultimate tiki cocktails, with Kraken spiced, Pampero Especial & Blanco Rums, tropical pineapple, almond and lime flavors it will definitely deliver on its promise   £9

Almond Martini
Cheesecake in a glass. Everyone loves a dessert that gets them drunk, eh?   £8

A lime-y classic made with either Ketel One Vodka or Tanqueray Gin   £6

Tell us your poison and we’ll provide the remedy. Made with Whiskey, Gin, Pisco, Amaretto (all the usual suspects)   £7.50

The Agave

Cazadores Blanco   £4/7
Cazadores Reposado   £4.50/8
Carralejo Reposado   £5/9
Carralejo Anejo   £6/11
Chinaco Reposado   £7/13
Don Julio Blanco   £4/7
Don Julio Reposado   £4.5/8
Don Julio Anejo   £5.5/10
Herradura Reposado   £4/7
Herradura Anejo   £5/9
El Jimador Reposado   £3/5
JC Gran Centenario Plata   £3.5/6
JC Gran Centenario Reposado   £4/7
JC Tradicional   £3/5
JC Reserva De La Familia   £9/16
Ocho Blanco    £3/5
Ocho Reposado   £3.5/6
Olmeca Reposado   £3/5
Sauza Blanco   £3/5
Sauza Hacienda   £3.5/6
Sauza Hornitos   £4/7
La Penca Mezcal   £4.5/8

Bourbon & Whisky

Bulleit   £3.50/6
Buffalo Trace   £4/7
Makers Mark   £4/7
Jack Daniels   £3.50/6
Wild Turkey   £4/7
Van Winkele 12 Year   £7/13


Single Malt
Laphroaig   £4.50/8
Talisker   £4.50/8
Singleton   £4.50/8

Blended Malts
Johnnie Walker Black Label   £4/7
Johnnie Walker Blue Label   £18/25

Irish Whiskey
Jameson’s   £3/5
Red Breast   £4.50/8

Be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment

We aren't too big and we're not too small

Duke’s Brew & Que Reservations


As we are a small restaurant, we have to book several seatings on each table throughout the night, so please be prompt for your reservation. Please be aware that you will have your table for a minimum of 1.5hr, depending on group size and dining time.

We cater for groups up to 12 people only. Large bookings are recommended to be made in advance to avoid disappointment. For bookings between 8 and 12 people, service charge will be mandatory.

Call Duke’s on 020 3006 0795 after 4pm to make a phone booking.

Your comments are very valuable to us. Drop us an email with any thoughts or suggestions right here.

Time Out Winner Eating & Drinking Awards 2012


We politely request that customers with children under the age of 5 book a 6pm slot for dinner (5pm at the weekend).  Unfortunately we do not allow children under the age of 18 in the bar/restaurant after 8.30pm.

BBQ Served Daily
Mon-Thurs 6pm to 10pm
Friday/Sat 5pm to 10.30pm
Sunday 5pm to 9.30pm

American Style Brunch on Weekends
Sat/Sun 11am to 3pm

No Reservation taken for Brunch

Bar opening times
Mon-Wed 4pm to 11pm
Thursday 4pm to 11.30pm
Friday 4pm to 11.30am
Saturday 11am to 11.30pm
Sunday 11am to 11pm

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Thanks guys…you were mighty fine!

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Time Out Eating & Drinking Awards 2012

Duke’s Brew & Que Nominated for Best new meat restaurant. Earlier this year our Beef Ribs won a Time out top 10 dishes in London 2012 award, and we are now [...]

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Please do not email reservations,
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Duke’s Brew & Que Reservations


call Duke’s on 02030060795 after 4pm
to make a phone booking.


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